Summertime is a fun time for all families – warm weather, free time, and American holidays.  Sadly, fun family get togethers can lead to the heartbreak of a lost or injured pet if we aren’t careful.  Take steps to protect your furry companions this 4th of July.

Leave your pets at home:  If you’re considering bringing Fido to the Independence Day parade or fireworks display, don’t!  Crowds, noise, and unfamiliar places will make your pooch nervous and more likely to flee.

If you do bring your pets, make sure they are tagged: If your pets are traveling with you, make sure they wear a secure collar with identification tags and that their microchip information is also up to date.  Take photos of all of your animals in advance of the trip, so that you have a recent picture in case someone gets away.

Walk your dogs on a leash during fireworks displays:  Even if you have a fenced in back yard, it’s good to walk your dog on a leash during fireworks.  An unexpected bang or loud noise can cause even older, well trained dogs to jump fences and bolt.

Never let your cats outside: This is a controversial topic, but all professional animal enthusiasts agree – cats don’t need outside time.  They definitely don’t need to be outside during holiday gatherings.  Cats are just as, if not more, likely to bolt at the sound of fireworks or upon seeing unfamiliar people in your backyard.

Don’t allow animals to eat table scraps at the barbecue: A lot of our favorite summertime foods are hazardous to our family pets.  Even when they aren’t, the introduction of a new food to a dog’s or cat’s diet can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, especially if your animal is already sensitive to diet changes.

Stick to safe practices this summer.  The staff at PACT for Animals is wishing all of our followers a happy and safe 4th of July!