PACT is proud to present a unique Pro-Pitbull event, Punish the Deed Not the Breed, on Sunday September 23 from 12-8pm at the University of Pennsylvania. The events are a forum to discuss how BSL has absolutely no positive effects. We will be showing the educational documentary, Beyond the Myth multiple times. There will be many educational symposiums that are Pro-Pitbull and will discuss how to educate the public and the media that pits are great family dogs. We also will explore ways to strengthen laws to punish irresponsible owners who cause their dogs to have behavioral problems as a result of these owners’ actions that have nothing to do with the type of dog.

In addition to the screenings of Beyond the Myth, panel discussions will be held by speakers including:

  • Dahlia Canes – Founder of Miami Coalition against BSL
  • James Cueva, Esq. – Attorney for Miami Coalition against BSL
  • Lauren Hart – Entertainer, Humanitarian, Animal Lover
  • Buzz Miller – Founder of PACT
  • Top lawyers specializing in BSL issues:
    • Debora M. Bresch, Esq. – Attorney and Senior Director of Government Relations for ASPCA
    • Barbara R. Graham, Esq. – MD & DC attorney. One of the founding members of the Animal Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association
    • Richard E. Schimel, Esq. – MD & DC attorney. Has extensive trial and appellate experience in insurance matters, real estate disputes and animal related injuries. Appellate Counsel in Tracey v. Solesky

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