Who doesn’t love a puppy, especially when that pup is a Lab? The owner is in the National Guard, and a friend is temporarily caring for Pongo in San Antonio, TX. The friend can help transport Pongo up to an hour or so away and is willing to except transportation help from a foster.

Pongo Fur Facts:

Male Labrador Retriever
1 yr old, approx. 45lbs. Medium to High energy, Healthy
Loves people and children and can live with other dogs and cats
Potty trained/potties outside
Carate trained and is still working on leash training and still pulls
No aggression or destruction
May try to get out of the house to meet new people or attend something interesting.

Pongo Fun Facts:

Pongo will make you fall in love with him right away. He’s a typically sweet, friendly Lab who loves people and other dogs. He’s even made friends with the cats at his current waystation! (Or at the very least, he ignores them).

He is very affectionate and likes to stay close to you and cuddle. Pongo is very well mannered – while just 1 yr old, he has mastered his potty training, and while his owner was able to come home sometimes at lunch, it wasn’t unusual for him to be in his crate for 11 hrs. He also will let you know when he has to go outside to potty by either scratching the door or sitting there.

Despite being a Lab, Pongo is very accommodating regarding his routine. He can be happy just lying about, calm and settled, but when you are ready to show him attention or another dog, well then, he’s down to play! Come on, man, what are you waiting for?!?! He has started going to the dog park, and although shy at first, he eventually gets pulled into the party and has a great time.

Pongo is still working on his leash skills and still pulls hard. However, he is a smart boy. His Mom feels it’s just a matter of time for him to be leash trained since he enjoys being taught new tricks and commands. Lastly, he is at the stage where he is very responsive to noise at night when it’s quiet, so a potential foster home would have to be patient with him and be willing to help reassure him and help him calm down.

If you would be interested in fostering Pongo, please visit our website at pactforanimals.org and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at Sue@pactforanimals.org.