Meet Phinn! His desired placement location is in Orlando, FL. The owner is willing to provide transport to any of the lower 48 states for the right home.

His owner is in the Navy and has already been deployed to Australia.

Fur Facts:

  • Wire Haired Griffon, 10 years old, approx. 85lbs
  • Great with dogs of all sizes
  • Hunts cats
  • Has lived with babies and young children
  • Potty trained, but can have accidents in house when under extreme stress.
  • Medium-low energy, sensitive stomach
  • Destructive when left alone
  • Displays a strong protective instinct inside his home, so take caution with visitors.**
  • Scared of thunder, fireworks & other loud noises
  • Grooming required

Fun Facts:

Phinn loves to cuddle and is a sweet boy. However, he’s also a very smart boy, never mind for a 10-year-old! His guardian says that he taught himself how to ring windchimes to alert her that he needed to go potty! If that doesn’t catch your attention, he may also bring a shoe to tell you he needs to go out or stare at you until you understand. His ideal home would be one in which his fosters are either retired or work at home because he was brought up in a home where he was never really left alone; his family took him with them rather than left him home. (Phinn’s anxiety when left alone causes him to eliminate inappropriately in the house. He can stay in a crate but doesn’t do well in it).

Phinn likes to take long walks, sleep and play fetch “his own special way” – he alone must choose the toy to be played with, then you have to first catch him to get the toy, and only then will playtime commence. He also likes to suck on a pillow and has only short bursts of the zoomies. If you blow in his face, he gets all excited, knowing that playtime starts soon. Finn attends daycare 2-3x week and enjoys the company of other dogs. Daycare is still an option for Phinn going forward, costs just need to be discussed with the owner.

What Phinn doesn’t like is having his paws touched for nail trims or other grooming matters. His coat was bred to resemble a “woolly mammoth” and needs regular combing otherwise he will mat and also shed. He requires professional grooming every four months. His guardian also cleans his ears on a regular basis.

Lastly, Phinn does have strong protective instincts inside of the home** (outside he’s a love) and so will do best with fosters who have an understanding of how to manage this behavior. If someone comes to the door, he will bark quite a bit until the person is revealed to him; then, you will immediately be able to tell if he likes the person or not. If not, he will bark warningly & need to be separated from that person (otherwise he can approach and nip). Other times, he is absolutely fine with people, it really does depend. It is this unpredictability that leads us to seek a quieter home without regular visitors unless the foster is comfortable managing these scenarios. While Finn has lived with babies and young children, there is concern that children visiting the home could be at risk if they are not closely supervised or respectful of Finn’s quirky personality.

If you would be interested in fostering Phinn, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at