Last night, 12/15/14, The Philadelphia Phillies held their annual “Phillies Charities Holiday Party,” with PACT as one of their Featured Charities! Buzz Miller, PACT’s Founder and President, was invited to rub elbows with Phillies Manager Ryan Sandberg, Pitcher David Buchanan, and members of the Phillies boradcasting team. One of PACT’s fantastic reunion videos was shown during the dinner, and the Phillies honored PACT with a donation of $10,000! PACT wants to thank the Phillies for their support and especially thank Sophie Riegel, manager of Community Outreach and Phillies Charities, for all her tireless work in sharing PACT with the Phillies and other local enterprises. Every dollar donated helps PACT save beloved family pets. ASK HOW you can get involved today!

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