Zelda & Link

Zelda & Link

Breed/Type: German Shepherd Chow Mix Black lab

Location: Sanford,, NC

Needs foster care by: June 16, 2023
Needs foster care until: November 4, 2023

Zelda’s & Link’s owner is going on a hero’s journey, and they need a place to stay until their owners return.  Can you provide them with a safe, loving home while their owner is deployed overseas for a few months?

Zelda and Link are currently located in Sanford, NC, and the owner is willing to transport them anywhere within reason to secure a safe and loving home. The owner would prefer to keep them together but understands if they need to be separated.


Zelda is the lowest-maintenance princess you’ll ever meet. She is low energy and loves to sit near you and watch what you are doing as long as she doesn’t have to participate actively. This also makes her very observant, and she instantly senses when you are having a bad day. She also loves being outside and napping in the sun. She is very watchful and will let you know when someone is approaching. She is reserved when she first meets someone but warms up quickly. She loves going on short walks and car rides. She is older, so her hips don’t work as well as they used to. She doesn’t let this stop her from enjoying walks or running after squirrels. She doesn’t play ball but likes doing tricks for treats. She is very, very smart and adapts well to new environments. She has traveled all over and has lived everywhere, from an apartment in Japan to a farm in Wisconsin. She is crate trained and used to fending for herself during the day. She does not chew on things, and rarely has accidents in the house. She is a good walker, and does not pull aggressively unless she sees another dog. Zelda has never lived with small kids, but because of her laid back nature, kids playing with her fluffy tail, ears, and nose don’t bother her. If she doesn’t like something they are doing, she will get up and move to a different area. Zelda has had some rough encounters with other dogs and will get very excited and start barking and talking when she sees another dog. She does not do well with other dogs and will try and assert her dominance.  Zelda can be dog reactive, and the foster shouldn’t have other pets in the home.


Link’s Knick name is “Buddy” because that is the perfect way to describe his personality. He is ready to go on whatever adventure you are on, cuddle with you on the couch while you watch Netflix, curl up next to you as you sleep in, and anything in between. Link loves long walks and hikes. He is unsure of car rides but does well after a while. Link was taken away from his mom when he was young, which left him with some anxiety. Big crowds and lots of people stress him out and he prefers quiet environments. He takes medication for the anxiety and this helps quite a bit. He is unsure around small children mainly due to lack of exposure. He is untested with other dogs, but generally defaults to being easy going. Link is very vocal, and will bark when somebody new enters the house. This is all for show, though, and within a few minutes he will be asking them for pets.


Fur Facts


Female, German Shepherd Chow Mix

10 years old, 63 pounds

Low energy

House, crate, and leash trained.

Good with people, and older children.

Can be an escape artist.

Must be the only pet in the home.



Female, Black Lab Mix

6 years old, 60 pounds

Medium energy

House, crate, and leash trained.

Good with people and older children. Untested with other dogs or cats.