Veronica & Svetlana H.

Veronica & Svetlana H.

Breed/Type: Guinea Pig

Location: San Diego or Los Angeles, CA

Needs foster care by: August 15, 2024
Needs foster care until: August 15, 2025

Meet Veronica & Svetlana!!These chatty little, social creatures need a foster from Aug. 15 2024-  possibly Aug. 15, 2025  the owner was on military rotation and received orders to extend deployment. The current foster can transport within 2-hour radius of San Diego, or Los Angeles CA.

Veronica and Svetlana are wonderful companions, who are gentle, fun, and full of character!  Veronica and Svetlana are always happy to see you, and will let out a sequel of excitement when you come home or first wake up in the morning,  They are social little girls who love chatting to let you know when they want attention or food.

Veronica is more social and enjoys lots of attention once she gets to know you she will run up and sit on your lap for pets and scratches. Enjoys watching TV and just hanging with you.

Svetlana is more timid and independent and while she enjoys some attention, she is content with quiet playtime with her sister.

These cuties are used to a routine of being fed 3 times a day, in the early morning, at lunchtime and dinner time.  Their meals normally consist of Timothy Hay, fresh fruits and vegetables.  The owner will Venmo the foster to purchase fresh produce for Veronica and Svetlana, and will provide  Timony hay, treats, Vitamin C tablets, and bedding for the duration of the foster term.  Veronica and Svetlana must get one Vitamin C tablet daily.

The owner will also provide the foster with the cage and other needed supplies to help keep them healthy and happy while she is away.




Fur Facts


Female, Guinea Pig ( Black)

Talkative and social





Female, Guinea Pig ( White)

Happy, timid, sweet girl


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