Ushi & Orca

Ushi & Orca

Breed/Type: Great Dane Mix Lab Mix

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Needs foster care by: February 24, 2023
Needs foster care until: October 1, 2023

These two sweet pups have traveled from the states to Japan and back again. The owner’s final PCS will be in Jacksonville, FL, in October, 2023. The owner’s fiance returned early from Japan with the dogs to establish a permate home for all, but the temporary housing fell though, and the fiance moved in with family, and Ushi and Orca are currently kenneled and located in Davie, FL.

Ushi and Orca are bonded, and the owner would prefer to keep them together, but understands if they need to be separated from securing a safe, loving foster home until they can be reunited.  Located in Florida , but willing to transport to  NC,SC,GA,VA, MD, NJ, DE, WV, TN, MS,AL,LA,and TX.

Ushi and Orca are sweet, loving well, behaved, friendly  pups that get along with people, older children, cats and dogs. They have never been around toddlers, so the owner is unaware how they would be.

Both dogs are extremely friendly and enjoy going for long walks or visiting the dog park. Orca is a little more energetic and loves running around and playing with the other pups at the park. Ushi enjoys the other pups but then tires out and spends time sniffing and exploring the park or just sitting down to watch the others play. While on walks, both enjoy meeting new people and pets.

While both are crate trained, Ushi doesn’t need to be crated, but the owner suggest that if leaving the pets for awhile alone in the home, Orca should be crated because he can become mischievous.  In the evenings, both enjoy settling down and cuddling. UShi enjoys snuggling into a nest of blankets while Orca will sit and watch TV with you.

The owners state,’ Ursi really in tune with emotions and will try her best to comfort you! She’ll place her paw on you like she wants to hold your hand or pet you when upset. The owner states, “Orca is  everyones favorite dog! She’s always sweet and loves to give kisses. She can jump about 6 feet if you’re extra tall and look like you need some puppy love! :). She doesn’t mind playing by herself either.”

Ursi loves her morning and afternoon walks, and the owner hopes the foster will have time to accommodate her walks, and possibly go to the dog park once a weeks or have a yard to run around in.









Fur Facts


Female, Great Dane/Terrier Mix

6 years old, 80 pounds

House,Leash and Crate Trained

Medium Energy

Good with people, older children, dogs and cats. Untested with younger children.

No destructive tendencies,  mellow personality





Female, Lab/ Terrier Mix

5 years-old, 50 pounds

House,Leash and Crate Trained

Medium Energy

Good with people, older children, dogs and cats. Untested with younger children.