(Foster Found) Tonks & Neville

(Foster Found) Tonks & Neville

Breed/Type: Husky and Husky mix

Location: Kissimmee, FL

Needs foster care by: July 29, 2023
Needs foster care until: August 19, 2025

Urgent!!!! Currently being boarded. Calling all cuddlers and snugglers! PACT has a super duo in Florida in need of fostering, just for you! Their mom will soon deploy to Germany with the Army for the next two years, and these pups need your hugs!

Can be separated. 

The owner is willing to transport, currently located in Kissimmee, Fl.

While the owner would like to keep them together, they are willing to separate them.

Meet Neville & Tonks. Neville is a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky mix and his “brother”/ or newest addition to the family, Tonks, is a 1.5-year-old Siberian Husky. Both pups are leash trained, crate trained and do well around people, kids, and other dogs. In fact, while waiting to find a loving foster, they are currently living with a friend that has young kids and other dogs.

Tonks’ mom describes him as fun but “chill”, doesn’t bark too much, and just “loves to be loved.” While being cautious, Tonks has even tried out dog parks, but more than anything, “he wants to get to know every human possible.”

Neville’s mom describes him as the “older brother” and sometimes moody like a “grumpy old man”: grumpy but never aggressive. Overall, he is also very easy going, enjoys relaxing more than playing fetch, but still loves to go on hikes. He’s had many years of training, and even rings a bell to let her know when he needs to go outside. He will only growl at Tonks if Tonks tries to take his food and he will scratch at his old scar tissue from where he was neutered. Neville will do well in a home where he can have his own space when he wants time away from Tonks, but will never refuse cuddle time.

Please consider sharing your home with these love bugs, while their mom is serving our country. Remember, PACT fosters pay NOTHING, your love and support is all these pups need.

Fur Facts


Male, Siberian Husky

1-year-old, 40 pounds

Hyper/High Energy

Good with people,children, and dogs. Playful with cats.

House,leash, and crate trained.

  • Tonks is not fixed, but will be fixed by time of placement.


Male, Australian Cattle Dog/ Husky Mix

5 years old, 60 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, and dogs. Interested in cats.

House,leash, and crate trained


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