Sunny Belle D.

Sunny Belle D.

Breed/Type: Mix

Location: Riverside, RI ( East Providence)

Needs foster care by: September 1, 2024
Needs foster care until: April 2, 2025

Sunny Belle is a sweet and loving mix in need of a foster home while her owner attends military training from September 1, 2024, to April 2, 2025. Sunny Belle can be transported within a 12-hour radius of Riverside, RI, if time permits.

Having been rescued by her current owner, Sunny Belle has become a loyal and affectionate companion. She adores people and is particularly fond of older children. This energetic girl loves outdoor activities, including walks, hikes, beach trips, and playtime. Fetch, tug-of-war, and running around are some of her favorite pastimes. Sunny Belle enjoys meeting new people on her walks and soaking up their attention.

Due to her past experiences, Sunny Belle can be fearful and reactive around other dogs, so it’s best to avoid them during walks. However, with a few commands, she will sit calmly until they pass. She does fine with dogs that ignore her and don’t try to approach or bark. Her owner has been diligently working on her socialization.

Sunny Belle is a true people-lover and has an incredible ability to sense emotions. If you’re feeling sad or unwell, she will be right by your side to comfort you. She’s a super cuddler and enjoys curling up for some quality attention.

At home, Sunny Belle is quiet and docile as long as she gets her daily exercise. She rarely barks and is content to hang by your side, chewing on her bones, puzzles, and play mats. While she doesn’t usually bark, she’s vocal in other ways, often grunting to get your attention or express her needs.

Sunny Belle would thrive as the only pet in a home where she receives plenty of love and attention. A foster who can commit to walking or playing with her for at least an hour a day will keep her healthy and happy.

If you can provide a loving temporary home for Sunny Belle, please reach out and make a difference in her life!

Fur Facts

Sunny Belle D.

Female, Mix

4 years old, 55 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, and older children

House, leash and crate trained

Sensitive Stomach to food changes

Sweet loving pup


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