Breed/Type: Patterdale/Pitt Mix

Location: Norman, OK

Needs foster care by: February 20, 2023
Needs foster care until: March 31, 2024

Here is your opportunity to help this loving, sweet loving pup.  South’s owner is in the National Guard and will be going to training then on assignment from Feb. 20,2023- March 31, 24.  Currently located in Norman, OK, the owner can travel up to a 6-hour radius to secure a safe, loving foster home for her best friend.

South is a lovely dog with a fantastic personality; South is very easygoing and pleasant and gets along with people, children of all ages, and dogs. South does like cats but would like to play with them. South is a bit shy by nature; while she gets along with dogs and enjoys going to the dog park, she prefers only a few dog friends; if it is overcrowded, she will shy away and stay by her owner.

South loves being outdoors, taking long walks, running, and going for hikes.  On walks, South enjoys meeting new people and pups. The owner says ” she will whine and pull to meet new people and is always trying to get belly scratches.” South is very affectionate and will smother you with affection.  South enjoys children and tolerates younger children; when she has had enough, she will get up and walk away.

As mentioned previously, South is shy and does not like crowds or too much activity. She will go off and hide if you have a large crowd over.  At daycare, she is fine with other dogs but prefers to be around one or two other dogs and not a large group.


South loves to snuggle up at home and will sleep with the owner. However, she is very well trained; if you tell her down, she will sleep on her dog bed. South is crate trained but does not need to be crated.

The best foster home would be someone who is active and has a yard for her to play in, possible a companion to play with.

Fur Facts


Female, Patterndale/Pitt mix

5 years old, 51 pounds

Medium energy

Low maintenance

Leash and crate trained

Great with people, children of all ages, dogs, and playful with cats.