Percy, Ollivander & Valkyrie M.

Percy, Ollivander & Valkyrie M.

Breed/Type: DLH DLH DSH

Location: Columbus, GA

Needs foster care by: July 5, 2024
Needs foster care until: July 31, 2026

Meet Percy, Ollivander & Valkyrie who need a snuggle spot while their owners service our country overseas. Unfortunately, these loves are unable to go with the owners at this time and need a foster from July 5, 2024, through July 31, 2026. Located in Columbus, GA the owner is willing to transport anywhere in the continental US to secure a safe and loving home for these cuddle buddies.

Percy is a 7 year old, black domestic long-hair beauty who gets along with people, children, cats and cat-friendly dogs. Percy is social and will follow you around, and enjoys being by your side and cuddling and sitting on your lap getting love and attention. Percy will also talk to you and let you know when she wants extra TLC and snuggle time. Percy enjoys lying in the sun and playing with toys and especially likes playing with the feather toys. Percy is a super sweet girl and is a total cuddle bug. Litter box trained. Percy does scratch at furniture, but the owner will purchase scratch covers for your furniture to protect it.

Ollivander is a 11-year male long hair grey kitty, that is extremely social and loving. Ollivander is leash-trained and enjoys being outside as much as possible.   Ollivander loves being carried around and getting attention and acts more like a dog than a cat. He will also go by the door to be let out. Ollivander is great with people, children, cats, and cat-friendly dogs. *Ollivander is litter box trained but tends to pee outside the box, but the owner will supply pads to go under and around the litter box.  He will poo in the litter boxes but will pee just outside the box.

Valkyrie is the sweet and timid baby of the three and was rescued from the side of the road. Valkyrie is a 5 year old diluted calico tabby, with a short crooked tail. Valkryri is shy but will warm up to you quickly. Valkyrie spends most of her time sleeping in a quite spot, but will come out and cuddle when the time is right. If people are visiting she will remain in hiding until she feels it is ok to come out.  Valkyrie is good with people, children, and cat-friendly dogs.  She does well with her kitty siblings but has had minimal experience with other cats. The owner calls her Squeak, because her meow is so small is sounds like a squeak.

While the owner would like to keep them together, understands if someone can not take all 3, but would prefer Percy and Valkyrie to stay together because they are the most bonded.




Fur Facts


Female, DLH Black

7 years old, 12 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, cats and cat-friendly dogs

Litter box trained

Indoor only

Sweet loving cuddle bug




Male, DLH Grey

11 years old, 14 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people,children, cats, cat-friendly dogs

Litter box trained*

Leash trained- enjoys being outside

Super sweet affectionate kitty.

Acts more like a dog than a cat.



Female, DSH diluted calico table

5 years old, 7 pounds

Good with people, children, cats, cat-friendly dogs

Litter box trained

No destructive tendencies

Indoor Only

Shy quiet baby, gentle personality



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