Breed/Type: Pitbull

Location: Midwest City, OK

Needs foster care by: September 28, 2023
Needs foster care until: May 30, 2024

Osita is a sweet loving older pitbull that needs a place to crash while her owner serves in the Airforce, Sept. 28, 2023- May 30, 2024. The owner can transport within a 4-hour radius of Midwest City, OK.

Osita is a very friendly pup that loves everyone she meets and will become your best friend within minutes of meeting. Osita is used to the apartment life and enjoys going for slow short walks to the dog park, and loves going for car rides. Osita is leash trained and will stay by your side, and enjoys meeting others.  Osita is social at the dog park but will remain close by your side and won’t wander too far.  Osita absolutely loves going for car rides; she will sit in the back, smiling and looking out the window.

At home, Osita is quiet and a couch potato but will follow you everywhere. Osita enjoys sleeping a lot but does enjoy playing tug with her rope toy. Osita’s favorite toy is a small duck squeaky toy she carries around.  Osita is also kind, loyal, and smart.  The owner plays hide and seek and will hide treats around and Osita will search for them.

Osita is also a big cuddle bug and loves to get attention and just be by your side.  The owner states:, ” She is the best cuddle bug and hangout pet. All she wants is love and chill inside watching tv and sleeping. No matter how much attention she gets its never enough for her. When pets feel the best for her You’ll know, she will begin to lean into it.”

Osita does really well with other dogs, but if attacked will defend herself.

Well trained: sit, stay, wait, come, leave it-(if you don’t want her to get something), get down, up-(if giving permission to get on couch or bed)
Release commands for wait, leave it, and if giving permission to go out the front door, permission to eat “Yes”



Fur Facts


Female, Pitbull

6 years old, 50 pounds

Low energy

House, crate, and leash trained

Good with people, children, and dogs.  Untested with cats.

No destructive tendencies

A sweet loving older pup that enjoys car rides, short walks, and being loved.


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