Mauser B.

Mauser B.

Breed/Type: German Shepherd

Location: Melbourne, FL

Needs foster care by: September 23, 2023
Needs foster care until: April 30, 2024

Mighty Mauser is looking for a mighty friendly family to give him a place to chill while his owner is deployed with the Air Force from September 23, 2023 until April 30, 2024. He and his owner live in Melbourne, Florida and can travel just about anywhere for the perfect home.

This large love bug is in search of new friends to play tug of war with! He is easily excited when he meets new people or furfriends during walks so you’ll have to make sure to hold tight to his leash. This smart pup loves to learn! Especially if there is food or a treat involved. He understands sit, down, shake, off, wait, and ok! Mauser enjoys playing at the dog park and everyone who meets him describes him as “beautiful” and a “good boy”. Mauser also loves a good belly rub. You’ll know you hit the spot when his leg starts to twitch!

Mauser’s owner would prefer a foster that has experience with German Shepherds. Mauser can be quite fearful of children and reactive towards smaller dogs if they are near his home but he gets along well with them at dog parks. Mauser is accustomed to living in apartments but will need to be with someone who can take him on short walks every day or to the local dog park a few days a week. Alternatively, a home with a large, fenced yard would be great for some supervised playtime!

Fur Facts

Mauser B.

Male, German Shepherd2 years old, 72 poundsHigh Energy/HyperGreat with adults , can be good with larger breed dogs Fearful of childrenUntested around catsReactive toward small dogs (territorial)


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