Breed/Type: Boxer/Pointer Mix

Location: Chicago IL

Needs foster care by: October 31, 2022
Needs foster care Until: February 23, 2023

Can someone please foster this sweet boy for a few months? Manolo’s owner is undergoing cancer treatments and is unable to have Manolo with her. Manolo has been at a boarding kennel since September and the owner feels that he would do so much better in a loving foster home than at a kennel. Please help Manolo and let him stay at your home for a few months, and let his owner concentrate on recovering until she can be reunited with Manolo.

Manolo is a loving and dedicated Boxer Pointer Mix who is always there for his owner. Now, he is seeking a temporary foster to be there for him while his beloved owner recovers from surgery. He currently lives in Chicago IL, and needs a loving home in the area from Now through Feb. 1, 2023.

Manolo is described as a noble companion who is extremely in tune with his owner’s emotions. Through difficult times he is a steadfast friend who is always ready to comfort the people closest to him. He doesn’t ask for much in return; he is already used to living without a large yard and is content with just short walks throughout the day to relieve himself. Manolo would most likely not get along with any small dogs or skittish cats as he is an 80-pound dog who loves to play. Other big dogs, however, make a great companion!

Fur Facts


Male, Boxer Pointer Mix
9 ​years old, 80lbs
Medium Energy​​
Leash trained
Sleeps in crate
Gets along with: People and larger dogs
Untested with cats and small children