Mable and Rocky

Mable and Rocky

Location: Leavenworth KS

Needs foster care by: June 6, 2023
Needs foster care until: August 25, 2025
Mable and Rocky-

They have experience with boarding in kennels, in other homes, with other dogs. Owners have always received good reports. Dogs will do best if fostered together. They also will do best in a home with teenagers or no kids. They do not like to be around high energy kids. Both dogs will do best if crated if you are away from the home.
Location– Leavenworth KS
Foster Needed– 6/1/23- 8/1/25
Owner being deployed with Air Force
Rocky- Papillion/Terrier Male Age 9
Rocky loves to be near people and loves to go on walks. He can sit, stay, down (lie down), off (if you want off furniture), here (come here), up (up on furniture). Rocky is allergic to bee stings and does have some issues when he barks too much he may release stool. Will bark at mail carrier and doorbell.
Mabel- Cattle dog Mix Female Age 8
Mabel’s endearing eyes will melt your heart. She is shy at first with new people but then loves affection. She will raise her paw when she wants you to pet her. Like daily walks. Does best if a fenced yard has a fence of at least 5 feet. She does like to dig on occasion in the yard but not near the fence. She can sit, stay, down (lie down), off (if you want off furniture), here (come here- does will with this if there are treats), up (up on furniture). Mable does have Eosinophilic Inflammation of the lungs. This treated with an inhaler to help the cough. She will bark at mail carrier delivering packages or the doorbell. Recently she tries to get food on the table and will chew items laying around.

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