Lola & ( Foster Found)Makita R.

Lola & ( Foster Found)Makita R.

Breed/Type: Dalmatian & Beagle 

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Needs foster care by: September 26, 2023
Needs foster care until: February 17, 2024

Lola and Makita are taking new bestie applications while their owner is away for training with the US Army from September 26, 2023 until February 26, 2024. They live in the Santa Ana, CA, area and can travel about a 6-hour radius.

If you’re looking for a new running partner then look no further than Lola! She loves a good run and will definitely hold you accountable for the small fee of head pats and scratches. She is also a bit of a foodie and will try to sneak in a bite if you leave your sandwich unattended. Lola loves to be active and enjoys long walks and hikes. She enjoys a game of fetch and playing at the dog beach! Once she trusts you, she’ll jump into the water and try to jump over the waves. Lola’s owner says she is super loyal and loves family. Lola has been trained at the “Sit Means Sit” facility in Huntington Beach and knows all of the basic commands.

Makita will be every kid’s best friend! She’s a sweet girl who just loves to play and is a big baby. She sticks her tongue out when she’s been petted and loves to give kisses. She also “talks” when it’s around her favorite time of the day – Breakfast and Dinner time! Makita’s favorite game is tug of war, which always ends with you having to chase her. She’s not the fastest runner but loves to play!

The ideal home would have a small or large fenced yard or an active family that is willing to take them for walks, hikes, and visits to the dog park or beach. Both pups are great with adults and children of all ages and do well with other dogs at the dog park. The owner is willing to separate them if needed if it will help find the best home!

Fur Facts

Lola R.

Female, Dalmatian3 years old, 50 poundsMedium Energy Good with adults and childrenGood with some dogs   Caution with cats Currently crate training

Makita R.  

Female, Beagle
2 years old, 28 pounds
Low Energy
Good with adults and children
Currently leash training
Good with some dogs
Playful with cats


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