Lincoln & Michael S. 

Lincoln & Michael S. 

Breed/Type: American Staffordshire Husky 

Location: Clarksville, TN

Needs foster care by: June 20, 2024
Needs foster care until: October 31, 2024

Lincoln & Michael urgently need your help! Their owner will be deployed with the National Guard from June 20, 2024, until October 31, 2024. They are currently in East Clarksville, TN and they are chasing the current foster’s cat.   The owner will pay for transportation if needed but would prefer to stay within a reasonable distance of the current location. Clarksville, TN, and the East Coast

Michael has extreme anxiety and does better with Lincoln, so the owner would prefer to keep them together, but if need be they can be separated.

Lincoln and Michael are currently at a PACT foster home, who’s senior dogs are not tolerating the youthful energy of Lincoln and Michael. The current foster states that Lincoln and Michael are great, but are chasing her cat.

Lincoln LOVES attention. If you give him just a little love, he’ll be the happiest boy! His perfect day would involve playing fetch, wrestling, and relaxing in the evening. Lincoln enjoys kisses, cuddles, and kids! He is very well-behaved and has amazing recall. He also understands sit, stay, wait, & lay down and enjoys a good exercise session so a big yard is a plus!

Much like his brother, Michael is the ultimate cuddle bug who loves attention! To show his affection, he’ll make sure to bark a hello when you walk in the door and even give you a hug. A bit anxious sometimes, he enjoys quiet and calm evenings with lots of bones and toys to play with. Michael understands sit, lay down, no jump, wait, stay, “naughty”, and how to shake with both of his paws!

The owner would prefer a home with a yard but both pups enjoy walks and trips to the dog park. Lincoln and Michael are both great with adults and absolutely adore children. The owner states that the perfect foster would be patient and loving and “show medium to lots of attention to my two boys”. Other dogs are ok after a chance to meet and greet.

Due to them only getting along with some dogs, Michael and Lincoln should be the only pets in the home.










Fur Facts

Lincoln S.

Male, American Staffordshire

2 years old, 75 pounds

Medium Energy

Good with adults, children, and some dogs

Can be nervous around men

House, crate, & leash-trained

Michael S.

Male, American Staffordshire

2 years old, 75  pounds


Good with adults and children, and some dogs

Can be nervous around men

House, crate, & leash-trained


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