( Foster Found) Dutchess, Lena & Taquito

( Foster Found) Dutchess, Lena & Taquito

Breed/Type: Ferret

Location: Fort Eustis, VA

Needs foster care by: June 6, 2023
Needs foster care until: June 10, 2025

Any ferret lovers out there? Here is your chance to care for social siblings while their owner is stationed overseas and cannot take these silly little buddies with them. Located at Fort Eustis, VA the owner can transport within 4 to 5 hours to help secure a safe and secure home for them. VA, DE, MD, and SC.

Dutchess is a sweet small girl and a huge bundle of love. Dutchess will give kisses and nibble to play. She loves to play chase and will nibble at the feet for more play.

Lena is an albino ferret with a rambunctious personality. Curious about everything and will squeeze into any new territory. Likes to be petted a lot and given attention. She loves treats and will come when the treat bag is rustled.

Taquito is a big boy with a big appetite. He is highly entertaining to watch and play with as he loves to run the house and discover new parts of the home. Very loving and will cuddle and nibble for play. If any plastic bags or rubber material is left out in the open, he will grab those items and hoard them into and under the couch.

All are good with people, children and ferret-friendly dogs. It is not recommended to be with cats even though they have lived with their sibling, O’Rheen and Semira. They are all pee pad-trained and very well-behaved ferrets. Can get along with well-behaved ferret friendly dogs.

Fur Facts

Dutchess, Lena & Taquito


Female, Ferret

5 years old, 2 pounds



Female, Ferret

4 years-old, 2 pounds



Male, Ferret

3 years old, 4 pounds




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