Breed/Type: Hound Mix

Location: Colbert, WA

Needs foster care by: December 1, 2022
Needs foster care until: January 31, 2023

Poor Duke can’t catch a break. Duke’s owner is in the Navy and was sent to training, deployed, received PCS on the other side of the country, and then deployed again.

Duke was placed with a loving foster in Florida for a little over a year when the foster experienced a medical emergency. Pact was able to secure another foster in Montana, closer to the owner’s PCS assignment, when he returns. Duke left his loving foster home and was transported to Montana.   Before Duke even had time to adjust, due to another unforeseen circumstance with the foster, PACT had him transported to a wonderful loving boarding facility in Colbert, WA, where he receives lots of love and can decompress after all the transitions. Duke has been staying at a boarding facility for the past two (2) weeks, and we would like to keep him there for another week to help him adjust to the transitions as we look for another foster home close to Colbert, WA.

The facility reports that Duke is a sweet and loving dog that happily engages with all staff and enjoys playtime with all the other dogs.

Duke’s original PACT Foster provided us with the below information about Duke.

Duke is a very active boy, playful, loving, and affectionate to everyone. He walks 1-2 miles twice a day & plays several hours a day in the yard, and loves to spend his downtime on his fenced porch watching for birds. He’s been to dog parks, beaches, and boarding/daycare facilities, and everyone praises his behavior. He gracefully shares his space, bull horns, and deer antlers with other dogs. He doesn’t do well in crates but can be happily left alone for 4-5 hours in an exercise pen with his squeaky toys, bones, and bed.

He loves to have fun; he gently nibbles the ears or hind legs of other dogs to invite them to play; this can lead to misunderstanding between pet owners & their dogs sometimes, so a foster will need to be aware of this possibility.

Duke’s only caution is that he is VERY sensitive about having his paws touched or handled (like many dogs); he requires a muzzle for nail trims. Duke is also a bit of a diva, in that he will also bite if his covers (or anything else on his bed) is touched when he is resting, so this is why we recommend a home with older children who will understand his boundaries & play Tug-O-war with his for ages!

Lastly, this silly, loving boy LOVES to dance if you play Latin music! He will stand up and give you his front legs; you must be prepared to dance with him!

Fur Facts


Male, English Pointer breed
3 1/2 yrs old, 52 pounds
House trained
High energy
Good with people and children over age 7.
Good with other dogs, reactive to alphas. Untested with cats.