Breed/Type: Husky

Location: Pomona, CA

Needs foster care by: December 30, 2022
Needs foster care Until: September 11, 2023

Boston is a quiet, lazy Siberian Husky that sometimes would prefer to sunbathe than go for a walk. Her owner is in the Army and will be deploying overseas from December 30, 2022 – September 11, 2023. Could you give her a place to stay to ensure she reunites with him?

Boston is currently located in Pomona, CA and can be transported anywhere to find the right foster home.

Fun Facts 

Boston is used to apartment life and is very quiet with a relaxed temperament. She has been raised around structure and it shows in her sweet, lazy demeanor – people will say she is so calm and content sunbathing, she reminds them of a house cat.

Boston is not crate trained but can stay home alone all day without issues and mostly relaxes and chews on her bones. When people come over, she gently meets them and then will go relax somewhere. Boston has a gentle nature with children and enjoys being with them. She is also very patient with puppies.

Boston does enjoy walks and going to the dog park and is very social and enjoys engaging a little in play. On walks, she is interested in meeting new friends but does not pull to meet them.

A homebody at heart, she enjoys hanging with her owner, laying at his feet and cuddling up for some love.

Fur Facts


Female, Siberian Husky

2 years old, 50 pounds

Low energy; doesn’t bark or howl

Good with people, children, and dogs

No destructive tendencies

Leash trained