Birdie S.

Birdie S.

Breed/Type: Mini Schnauzer

Location: Monterey, CA

Needs foster care by: October 1, 2024
Needs foster care until: December 1, 2024

Meet Birdie a sweet and lovable mim schnauzer that needs a short-term foster while his owner is away at military training from Oct. 1, 2024- Dec. 24, 2024.   The owner can transport within an 8 hour radius of Monterey, CA or in-between Monterey CA, and Logan, Utah.

The sweet girl, is good with people, children, and other small dogs.   Untested with young children and cats. Birdie is social and friendly with all but can get barky and extremely timid and fearful around medium and large-sized dogs. House, leash and crate trained , but doesn’t need to be crated.

Birdie does well on a leash on only slight pulls, but with a gentle command, she will fall by your side.  Birdie is always eager to meet new people and smaller dogs.  Birdie also enjoys going to dog parks for small dogs only, so she can run around and play with her other small dog friends.   Birdie also enjoys playing fetch and chewing on her nylabones. The owner states that Birdie will bring you two toys to play fetch with. She won’t let go of one until you throw the other.

At home Birdie is a snuggle bug and loves to cuddle and pet, she is always happy and excited for when people come over and enjoys getting attention.

Birdie does have some food allergies and is on prescription food which the owner will provide, along with her special treats and snacks.



Fur Facts

Birdie S.

Female, Mini Schnauzer

3 years old, 17 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, and small dogs

Untested with toddlers and cats.

House, leash and crate trained

Sweet, loveable , cuddler



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