( Foster Found) Bear A.

( Foster Found) Bear A.

Breed/Type: Boarder Collie Aussie MIx

Location: Grand Junction, CO

Needs foster care by: April 30, 2024
Needs foster care until: July 6, 2024

Meet Bear, a sweet and lovable older Bordier Collie/ Aussie Mix that needs a foster while the owner receives training from April 30, 2024- July 6, 2024. Dates may vary a bit but will be around 10 – 11 weeks.  The owner is able to transport within a 12 hour radius of Grand Junction, CO.

Bear is a calm, well-behaved Velcro dog that loves his person. Bear is good with people, children of all ages, dogs and cats. He is house, leash, and crate trained. Even though he is crate-trained he does not need to be and has no destructive tendencies. Bear enjoys going for medium to short walks or hikes and going to the dog park. On leash he does well and does not pull and normally ignores others when out walking, just enjoys sniffing and doing his business. Bear gets along well with other dogs and will play with them, but normally spends his time wandering around and checking things out.

At home Bear just want to be by your side. He loves to snuggle and cuddle up with you, and get his ears and butt scratched. The owner states at night when he curls up with you, he will use your should like a pillow and curls up like a cat would.

Bear is the sweetest pup that just wants love. He does have some separation anxiety and may bark or shine when you leave him alone and go out, but it’s only because he misses you so much.

Fur Facts

Bear A.

Male, Boarder Collie/ Aussie Mix

6 years old, 50 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs, and cats.

House, leash, and crate trained

Walks well on leash

Calmer sweet pup


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