Breed/Type: German Shepherd / Husky Mix

Location: Denver, CO

Needs foster care by: May 8, 2023
Needs foster care until: November 1, 2023

To Bean or not to Bean, that is the question! Currently living in the Denver, Colorado area, Bean’s owner will be training with the National Guard from May 8th until November 1st and will travel just about anywhere to find the best “human bean” to be her new friend.

Bean is a one-of-a-kind German Shepard/Husky mix who enjoys hiking! She requires someone with a firm grip as she gets excited about meeting new people on walks and won’t be afraid to say hello to the neighborhood squirrels. She loves being in the company of whoever is with her and will even serenade you with melodious howls if she happens to hear an ambulance driving by. She is used to being the pet of the household and may not do well with other dogs or cats so would need to be the only pet in the home. She is great with people and older children but untested with younger kids. He does not like being rushed or approached by other dogs and is fearful and protective.

Bean will do almost anything for a snack, but please, no cranberries, and make sure your trashcans are out of reach. Bean is accustomed to apartment life without a yard but wouldn’t mind the extra room to roam.



Fur Facts


Female, German Shepard/Husky Mix
8 years-old, 65 pounds
Medium Energy

Good with people, and children,
House, crate, and leash trained, pulls on leash so requires someone firm

Might be ok with other dogs. Unsafe with cats.