Bacon and Bella

Bacon and Bella

Breed/Type: dog

Location: Fort Sill, OK

Needs foster care by: September 20, 2022
Needs foster care Until: June 25, 2023

Bacon and Bella are a loving, bonded pair that need a foster home from September 20, 2022 – June 25, 2023. Bacon and Bella are located in Fort Sill, OK, and can be transported for up to 12 hours.

Currently stationed in Oklahoma, their owner is being deployed to Germany with the Army and unfortunately has no local family or friends that can care for the duo. Their owner has exhausted all options, even looking for an airline that will help them make an international trip to be with family, but so far have not had luck, since the deployment is coming up fast.

Can you help ensure these sweet, bonded pups stay together and out of the shelter?

Bacon and Bella’s owners are hoping to find a family that will treat this smart, sensitive pair like children – they love being with their people, getting and giving affection, and being talked to. Their owners compare them to two toddler playmates – they love to be with each other and can often find themselves in a bit of mischief. They love walks, car rides, and activity and would make great exercise buddies for an active family.


Bacon is a big, silly pup who loves to play. He is especially good at hide and seek – his owner hides and Bacon looks for her; once he finds her he will smile and jump around excitedly. Bacon loves music and dancing around the house with his owner or just cuddling up on the sofa or bed. Bacon is crate-trained but doesn’t need to be crated; he enjoys lying in his crate with the door open.

Bacon can be timid at times, getting scared of noises at first and then slowly sneaking back to find out what made the noise. He can take some time to warm up to other dogs, but once he realizes they won’t hurt him, he is OK. He does well with dogs his size or smaller. Foster should not have any other pets at home.


Bella is an affectionate, sweet dog who is extremely bonded to Bacon and her owners – she follows them around all day and is happiest when they’re together. She really loves other people and is outgoing and eager to meet them on walks.

Bella is silly and clowns around to get your attention; she will actually wait to see if you’re watching her and will smile if you laugh like she knows you think she is funny. She loves to cuddle and will sleep with you if you let her. Bella is crate-trained but doesn’t need to be crated; she enjoys lying in her crate with the door open.

Don’t leave your shoes around Bella – she will steal them to cuddle with, sometimes accidentally leaving a mark or two, but isn’t destructive otherwise. She can also be protective of her female owner at times.

Fur Facts


Male, Golden Retriever Mix
2 years old, 45 pounds
Medium energy; Loves long walks and runs
Good with people, older children and dogs; Untested with cats
No destructive tendencies
Crate-trained; Pulls on the leash and will go after squirrels


Female, Jindo Mix
2 years old, 38 pounds
Medium energy
Good with people, older children, and medium or small dogs after a slow introduction
Protective behavior toward female owner on walks and home, barks and growls
No destructive tendencies, but will steal shoes to cuddle with, leaving minor teeth marks
Crate-trained; Medium pull on the leash