(Foster Found) Archie & Newt

(Foster Found) Archie & Newt

Breed/Type: DMH and DLH

Location: Hillsboro, NH

Needs foster care by: November 13, 2023
Needs foster care until:

Newt and Archie are urgently in need of a quiet place to relax while their owner serves overseas with the US Army from Now until December 15, 2024. They are currently in the Hillsboro, NH area and can be transported about 8 hours for the right home!These bonded brothers are the perfect balance of fun and chill vibes! While Newt is the definition of a lap kitty, his brother Archie will amaze you with his incredible acrobatics by doing backflips off of the walls! Newt may take some time to warm up to you and his new environment but once he does, he’ll excitedly meow at you when he’s ready to cuddle and shower you in affection! Archie, the social butterfly, responds to his name and enjoys a good game of fetch with the right toy. He will also meow when he wants pets and affection.

The ideal home for these two would be one with lots of windows so they can sunbathe. The perfect family will be quiet, low energy, and affectionate. They can be reserved at first meet but are comfortable living with children, untested with dogs, and could potentially live with other cats though their experience is very limited.

Fur Facts


Male,  Orange Long Hair
3 years old, 14 pounds
Medium Energy
Good with Adults & Children
Untested with dogs
Interested in other Cats
Occasionally chews wires

Litter box trained.

Indoor Only


Male, Long Hair, Black
3 years old, 21 pounds
Low Energy
Good with adults and children
Untested with dogs
Neutral with other cats

Very skittish, takes time to get used to other animals
Occasionally chews wires

Litter box trained

Indoor Only


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