Angel H.

Angel H.

Breed/Type: Husky

Location: Petersburg, VA

Needs foster care by: May 30, 2024
Needs foster care until: July 11, 2025

Meet Angel! A sweet and loving 1-year-old Husky who is a lovely friendly family dog. Angel’s owner will be training with the National Guard and needs someone to watch Angel from May 30, 2024- July 11, 2025. The owner can transport within a 2-hour radius of Petersburg, VA.

Angel is very loving and social but can be shy and timid initially. Angel enjoys long walks but isn’t leash trained yet, and she loves to go at full force to get her energy out. Angel has lived with young children and enjoys playing with them. Angel is good with other dogs but has no experience with cats.  Angel is crate trained and should be crated when out to be on the safe side.

Angel is a silly pup and enjoys goofing around and playing. Loves to play and cuddle. Angel will let you know when she wants out and when its time to eat or if she just wants attention. Sometimes she will argue with you when she knows she’s done something wrong. Angel is patient with children and will let them do absolutely anything to her and just stand there until they are done and she loves to give them kisses and chase them.

Fur Facts

Angel H.

Female, Husky

1 year old, 50 pounds

Medium energy

House and Crate trained. Partial leash trained- strong puller.

Good with people, children of all ages, and dogs. Untested with cats.

Good family dog, a loving silly pup.



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