(Foster Found) Ace. J.

(Foster Found) Ace. J.

Breed/Type: Chiweenie

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Needs foster care by: December 26, 2023
Needs foster care until: October 27, 2024

Ace wants to be number one in your heart and needs a place to snuggle from December 26, 2023 until October 27, 2024 while his owner is deployed with the US Air Force. He lives in the Jacksonville, FL area and can be transported throughout all of Florida for the perfect home!

Ace may be tiny but he’s got plenty of love to go around! Ace enjoys the company of people big and small and can’t wait to greet you with a hug when you come home from work, especially if you’re literally bringing home the bacon. He is the ultimate bacon lover and will sit, lay, down, and give paw for a fresh piece or two! Ace was raised by a cat and loves to play with them if they’re willing and he is always eager to make new dog friends as well.

Ace’s owner hopes to find someone who is loving and sweet and can give just the right amount of attention to him! His size makes him perfect for apartment living or a home with or without a yard. He enjoys walks and weekly trips to the “little dog” dog park! He walks well on a leash, is house and crate-trained, and prefers to sleep there unless there’s a thunderstorm and needs to hide under your bed.

Fur Facts

Ace. J.

Male, Chiweenie
3 years old, 8 pounds
Medium Energy
Good with adults, children of all ages, dogs and playful with cats
Leash, house, & crate trained-
Used to apartments
Fearful of lightning and thunder


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