Jennifer is a citizen in Las Vegas, NV, currently recovering from a life-threatening illness that will require an extended hospital stay, from 3/1/2020 – 7/13/2020.  Jennifer is hoping to find a PACT foster to care for her cat, Perla, during this difficult time.  Perla also has a doggy sister, Sophie, and though it would be great for them to stay together, Jennifer and PACT are willing to split them up to find the perfect foster homes for them.

Perla is a 9 year old 10 lbs spayed female domestic short haired tabby cat.  Perla is up to date on her vaccinations.  She gets along well with her dog sister Sophie and moderately well with female cats, but she does prefer her own space when it comes to other animals.  Jennifer says, “Perla is a cat but acts more like a dog. She loves to cuddle and she is 100% Houdini when it comes to opening dresser drawers. I have literally watched her open the top dresser drawer and then proceed to take a nap in it and get fur all over my clothes…so I learned to put the clothes I don’t wear often in the top drawers haha. She’s super chill most of the time but occasionally gets the zoomies and then chases God knows what. She loves chasing laser pointers and she’s overall not very needy.”

3/1/2020 – 7/13/2020 (4 months)
Currently in Las Vegas, NV
Female, Spayed, 9 years old, 10 lbs Domestic Short Haired Cat (Tabby)

Children: Good with gentle kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Good with female cats after introduction
Low Energy, litter trained, up to date on vaccinations

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