Candice is currently receiving medical treatment, and her dog Pepper has been living in a boarding kennel for the past two months. Pepper needs a foster home for the next six months until her mom can resume care of her.

Pepper is an extremely sweet and intelligent dog. She knows many commands, including “bring it here,” when Candice requests her leash. The boarding kennel says that she has been amazing with every dog and human she has met. Pepper also has a submissive and sensitive side; she’s not very comfortable with thunder storms and vacuums.

Candice will do anything necessary for Pepper’s best interest. She knows that keeping Pepper in a kennel for much longer isn’t fair to her, and will rehome her if need be. This will break her heart because Pepper is her child, and being away from her even temporarily is extremely difficult for them both. There’s no reason it should even come to this.

**We are thrilled to report that Pepper is back with Candice! Thank you to fosters Sandy, Greg and their two Puggles for going above and beyond in caring for Pepper!

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