Helping Animals Through Partnership

Ethical Animal Partners: The Source of PACT’s Strength

PACT cannot save America’s beloved companion animals alone. Our emergency relief work depends on a vast movement of supporters—including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate partners, volunteers and, of course, donors. Together we are the nation’s only military/hospital animal fostering organization.

The support of corporate partners makes an enormous impact on animal’s lives, as do the alliances we have with NGOs. PACT’s relief work would not be possible without the generosity and dedication of our partners, donors and volunteers. All of our partners are the foundation of a national humane movement to save animals lives. We have formed strong working relationships with spay/neuter clinics, veterinary hospitals, trainers, kennels/doggie day cares, and pet supply stores.

We save animals that would otherwise be sent to a shelter due to a temporary emergency situation. Educating the public about our free foster care services and being able to provide them within driving distance is crucial to the health of companion animals and their owners.

To keep PACT going strong we are always in need of:

  • Veterinarians
  • Pet supply stores
  • Animal trainers
  • Kennels
  • Animal care specialists
  • Pet kennels and doggie day care facilities

Your businesses’ contributions of time and services will be mentioned in our newsletters and on our website. Foster homes in your local area will be informed of your generous support of PACT’s programs. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting our troops and the critically ill by assuring them of a joyous reunion with their furry family when they can return. Will you please be a part of this important mission? If you represent an company or organization interested in forming a partnership with PACT for Animals please contact us at