PACT’s Work

What do we do?

PACT supports the community through unique programs such as our Military and Hospital Foster Programs, as well as supporting animal caregivers with their emergency needs and running educational seminars. We know that sharing knowledge and supporting the community is the best way to improve the lives of companion animals and their human owners, so both can live healthier and happier lives.

Making a Difference

PACT for Animals strives to champion the Human-Animal Bond. We focus on providing foster care for the pets of deployed military personnel and hospital patients and their families.Through these two companion animal foster programs we provide temporary, free, in-home foster care assistance to military personnel and hospital patients who have no place to safely leave their pets during their their time away from home. We are the ONLY non-profit organization in the country providing this unique, essential service to both military personnel and hospital patients.

So far in 2016, we have received over 400 applications, and personally assisted in many of these cases. Our network of foster homes is growing, and we need YOUR help to keep our important services expanding to help more people and their beloved companion animals- please apply to be a foster home, sign up for news blasts, or donate HERE!


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