Read more about the sweet reunion between two pet foster organizations!

Honor and Izzy, two sweet English Setters, belong to Marines Major Eric and Melissa and their four children. In 2012, Major Eric suffered a debilitating injury while on deployment. One leg had to be amputated and he received a knee replacement as well. While recovering from the surgeries, Major Eric contracted MRSA in the hospital.

Thankfully, Major Eric found a loving foster for Honor and Izzy during the two years he battled MRSA. In the last month of 2015, Major Eric had just received a clean bill of health and needed just 5 more months of rehabilitation, learning how to walk on his prosthetic. Unfortunately, the foster could no longer host the dogs as he had health complications of his own! A close friend of Buzz’s, Kevin, who has run a military foster program in the Harrisburg PA area, had helped coordinate Honor and Izzy’s original foster family and knew they needed to find a new foster home. Kevin contacted us to see if we had any foster families able to take Honor and Izzy for the final months Major Eric needed in his recovery. PACT for Animals quickly found a wonderful foster family for Honor and Izzy with Frances. Frances had owned Setters before, and was eager to have two sweet Setters back in her home. Kevin, Frances, and Major Eric keep in close contact since they have all fallen in love with Honor and Izzy and are devoted to their care.

Last week, Kevin drove out to Fran’s home to visit her and the dogs he had grown so close to over the last two years. Fran happens to live just a few minutes from the PACT offices, and she drove over with Kevin and the dogs to visit with Buzzy and the PACT staff! It was a joy to meet Kevin and Frances in person, and hug the sweet pups that have been waiting so long to go home. Kevin and Frances even brought some flowers to brighten up the PACT office! The little reunion between Kevin and Buzz, and the PACT personnel with Fran, was a beautiful moment that is sure to be a shadow of how sweet the reunion between Major Eric and his dogs will be. Thank you so much to Kevin and Fran, who do so much to help the pets of our nation’s wounded military personnel.