Are you ready for your pet to be a star?

PACT for Animals is making a funny foster pet music video with John Scargall, a musician and PACT volunteer. We need videos of your pets (and foster pets!) doing cute things, especially: sitting, “staying,” sleeping, begging, off-leash, purring, barking, lifting their leg (trust us! It’s part of the song!), swatting objects, chasing things, or doing any other dance move you can think of. Please send us any video footage you have, or shoot a video of your pet in action. We cannot stress enough how many different shots we need of cats, dogs, and other foster pets. Please help by making a video, or sending us everything you have, today!

If your email client does not let you send videos, you can also upload them to Dropbox (or another cloud system of your choice) and share them with The deadline for videos is October 1st. Everything is appreciated, and you’ll see your pet in our amazing music video’s October debut. Thank you for all your help, we look forward to seeing your cute pet clips!