PACT’s third year at the National Blog Paws conference was a HUGE success! Not only did we get to meet pet bloggers from all over the world, but we actually WON AN AMAZING NON-PROFIT AWARD from Dino Dogan for $2,000!! Buzz even got the chance to speak to the entire conference about what we do, and we had people coming up to us for the next two days expressing amazement and alignment with our cause.

The ability to spread the word of what we do is SO IMPORTANT, because every person we reach is one step closer to the life of a pet we can save. When people blog about us, and subscribe and share our youtube videos, the ability of our amazing organization to help others expands at an amazing rate. Please go to our YouTube channel and subscribe!

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We also got to attend several amazing sessions about how to Turn Your Dream Into Reality (by Caroline Golon), NonProfit/Shelter Marketing (Sybil Stershic) and Cat Behavior (Steve Dale). We made contacts with not just bloggers, but many pet food and pet supply companies as well, so hopefully we can start sending gift baskets to our new fosters! All of these will help PACT get bigger, better, and even more supportive of our Foster Families and Foster Pets.
Thank you all for your love and support for our cause- we could not do this without you! We are hands-down the best emergency pet foster organization for the thousands of people who face a Military or Medical crisis in the United States. We can only reach out to those who need our help if you agree that ALL responsible pet owners deserve a safe emergency home, and if you share our work with others. TOGETHER WE SAVE LIVES!