Angel Fender Cone Gould cropped
Angel and Fender were PACT’s 100th and 101st animals helped in 2015, and 290th since our founding in 2011! With the alternative being unwillingly surrendered to a shelter and possible euthanasia, That means we have saved furry families in crisis 290 times, and in many instances saved beloved pets’ lives.
On a beautiful, sunny day in Quakertown, two loving yellow labs were given the safe haven they desperately needed, and a chance to see their mom again. Angel and Fender loved people and being part of a pack, but their pack leader needed emergency medical care that would last at least 2 months, and none of her friends or family could help. Faced with choosing between her own health and losing her best friends to a shelter forever, their mom Amy was about to check herself out of the hospital when her sister Jenny found and contacted PACT for Animals. We quickly connected the worried family to the Goulds, an amazing Foster Family that have a beautiful house and five loving pups of their own, who were eager to welcome two new friendly faces to the family and help a pet owner in dire need.
On Wed, November 4th, Jenny drove her sisters pups up to the Goulds’ golden home. Angel and Fender were thrilled to stay at “Doggy Sleep-away Camp” with their amazing new friends, and Amy is able to get the critical care she needs. The Goulds will send Amy regular photo updates about her beloved pups, bolstering her confidence and health until she is able to take them home herself.
Thank you to the Goulds and all our Foster Families for offering such vital, welcoming support to hospital patients and military personnel in need. Together we save lives!
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To learn more about Angel and Fender, read their story HERE!
Angel Fender Cone dropoff