Pablo is a cool cat with a great attitude. People always fall in love with him even if they never liked cats before. Pablo is fine with other cats, kids, and even dogs– he lets you know when he wants attention and is otherwise fine on his own. This lovely 4 year old declawed cat has been his momma, Alena’s, best friend since he was a kitten. Alena will be in the VA for a year-long treatment program that will not allow Pablo to join her, but she desperately loves her little guy and did not want to lose him. When Alena contacted PACT for Animals we found Pablo the perfect home with the Lords, who had already fostered for PACT 1x and were eager to welcome another kitty into their home. Pablo got such rave reviews from his foster home that Alena was able to convince a family member of her own to take him in, so he could stay close to home and she could see him on weekends. Now Pablo is back with family, Alena knows her sweet kitty is safe, and the Lords have another great foster story to tell their friends.
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