Say hi to Newton! He is currently in El Paso, TX. His guardian is willing to transport Newton up to about eight hours away and is willing to accept transport assistance from a foster.

His owner is deployed overseas.


  • Marvelous Male Mutt
  • 5 years old, 55 pounds
  • Low-Medium energy
  • Healthy
  • Loves people. Can live with small dogs
  • No exposure to children or cats
  • No aggression or destruction
  • Never been in a crate
  • Leash walking: Situational*; better for some vs. others
  • No adverse reaction to rain/thunder/fireworks


Newton is the perfect dog for low-key households – he is pretty laid-back and chills most of the time, spending most of his days lying about and sleeping unless he’s out on a walk. (Who wants to trade their lives for his?) He is very affectionate towards his people and loves snuggling, especially at bedtime. He may also end up being your shadow, following you around. He can frequently be found underfoot in the kitchen while a meal is being prepared or asking to get his chest rubbed.

Newton has a few choice squeaky toys – Mr. Foxy and his football – that he may lick or carry around. He doesn’t play much, although he is usually down for a game of fetch if you initiate it. He hasn’t spent much time around other dogs, but when he has, he doesn’t play – he usually sniffs, and that’s it. As he doesn’t have major energy, his owner feels he would be happiest either being on his own, in the company of another chill dog with similar energy, or a small dog with only small bursts of energy. He hasn’t been around large dogs, so a prospective foster must bear that in mind.

Newton has a really cute little habit – he’s a “Derper”! Whenever he sleeps, he sticks the tip of his tongue out of his mouth. His sister is very enamored of this and has taken many photos of him doing it. She will even occasionally reach out and tug the tip of his tongue; Newton ignores her and goes back to sleep, haha.

Regarding leash walking*, he’s a bit of a puzzle as he changes his behavior to adjust to the walker: When his young, healthy sister walks him, he can pull on his leash. However, when older, frail individuals walk him, he’s a good boy.

Considering his coat, he will have to go to the groomers occasionally (usually around the time his bearded face fully grows in). Newton is good company, and he will greet you when you come home.

Finally, his owner states that Newton is just a big ball of fur who needs love and that should a robber ever ‘visit’ your home, he would most likely consider Newton one of the treasures.

If you would be interested in fostering Newton, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at