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Our newest video features the sweet reunion between Victor, a beautiful white pitbull, and his military owner, Kyle. Specialist Kyle had a 2-month training for the U.S. Army Reserves, but had no one who would watch his beloved dog for the short time he was away. Kenneling, at $500/month, was too expensive, and Specialist Kyle had no other options but surrendering his beloved pup to a shelter. If Victor had been placed in a shelter, despite his great attitude and beautiful face, he would most likely have been euthanized because of his breed. Luckily, Kyle contacted PACT for Animals! PACT placed Victor with the Smiths, who have fostered 5 other dogs for PACT before. The Smiths sent Kyle regular updates to ease his mind, and even discovered a new way to exercise the energetic Victor — with a special bike apparatus, he could run next to Max’s mountain bike, and they went bike riding together! Now Victor and Specialist Kyle are reunited and home again, together. Together with the Smiths, PACT for Animals was able to keep a family together, help a soldier, and save a beloved dogs life.