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Little Mya’s mom, Captain Lanea, was deployed to Afghanistan on Christmas 2013! Her sweet 5 year old terrier, Mya, had no safe place to stay in Tennessee, so Lanea contacted PACT. Mya was a rescue, and she needed a special home with a tall fence, gentle people, and no other pets. PACT found a wonderful foster family with the Ferko’s, and Lanea, her husband Mark, and Mya drove over 13 hours to get Mya to her foster home in Pennsylvania. Mya will sometimes bark/growl at new people, especially men, and with the Ferko’s teenage son having Down Syndrome, everyone was concerned that the dropoff go smoothly, but Mya quickly became comfortable with her new family and turned out to be quite the cuddler! This past Sunday Mya was finally reunited with her loving owners, Lanea and Mark, and she was so excited to see them both that her feet barely touched the ground! Thank you Robert and family for your willingness to help people and pets in need, and thank you Captain Lanea for your service to our country.

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