Melissa is a citizen in Seattle, WA, who has recently entered the hospital for medical treatment.  Melissa would be devastated to lose her giant baby, Mowgli the Great Dane.  PACT is looking for a breed-experienced foster with no other pets to care for Mowgli from 12/10/2019 – 2/28/2020.

Mowgli is a 2 year old neutered male Great Dane.  Mowgli is about 130lbs, crate trained, and up to date on his vaccinations, flea/tick, and heartworm prevention.  Mowgli knows commands for sit, stay, and shake.  Melissa says of her boy: “He’s a great snuggler. He’s really sweet and funny, and totally awkward. He knows many commands and will extend his paw to shake when he is trying to get your attention. He is also the UW Computer Science mascot for many programming challenges and exams. He’s very well loved, and visits campus sometimes when students are having a tough time during finals, exams, and just miss their dogs away from home.  The perfect foster for Mowgli would be: an experienced dog owner and Dane / large breed lover who genuinely cares for him and can keep him warm, fed, exercised, and entertained. Because he’s still an awkward teenager type in a big body, small children would probably not be a good idea ONLY because he’s so big and gangly. He is good natured with children. Until he remembers how to be a better canine citizen with other dogs again, he would either need to be introduced very slowly or should probably be the only dog. He loves sofas, beds, and is very good about his crate.”  Please consider giving Mowgli a place to stay for just 2.5 months!

12/10/2019-2/28/2020 (2.5 months)
Currently in Seattle, WA
Male, Neutered, 2 years old, 130 lbs Great Dane

Children: Good with kids 12+, due to size
Other dogs: No other dogs please!
Cats: No cats, please!
Medium Energy, housebroken, leash training, crate trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm preventative

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