UPDATE: Morgan was reunited with Jacqueline!  Thanks to PACT foster Debbie and her family for giving Morgan the care she needs!

Jacqueline will be leaving soon to attend out of state Navy training. Morgan, her sweet Labradoodle, is in need of a foster home for the five months that she cannot care for him. Morgan has been with his mom since he was just a little pup.

Morgan is extremely smart, and Jacqueline has done extensive training with him. He is great with everyone he meets. He does have a sensitive and submissive side, and other dogs will sometimes take advantage of this. For this reason, Morgan can be somewhat timid around dogs until he feels comfortable. It’s probably best he doesn’t go to a foster home that has a very dominant dog.

The ideal foster home will be comfortable giving Morgan a similar environment that he’s accustomed to—he’s not allowed on furniture, does not receive human food, and he’s a very happy boy when he has this consistency.

Morgan is now safely in the home of PACT foster Debbie. We cannot thank her enough for fostering again for us!

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