Can you help this happy girl for a few months? Mochi’s owner is in the Air Force and will be in training for a few months. Mochi is currently located in Hayward, CA, and the owner is willing to transport to ensure a safe, secure home for Mochi until they can be reunited.

  • Female Boxer, 3 yrs old, 60 lbs. Hyper/High Energy. On Flea & Tick prevention.
  • Recovering from surgery but otherwise healthy*.
  • Loves people & children. Loves dogs*. No exposure to cats.
  • No aggression or destruction.
  • Pulls heavily on the leash.
  • Crate trained—no potty issues.
  • No loud noise aversion. “Bark-O-Matic” rating: 2-2.5 out of 5.
Mochi is a very happy and good girl. She makes funny faces and smiles a lot (due to her underbite). She is always excited to see everyone – including children – but potential fosters should know that she can jump on them, so consider if this behavior is right for your family.
Mochi tends to be low maintenance in the house but more excitable outside. Her hobbies include sunbathing, sleeping on the sofa or bed, looking out windows, and most of all – tearing up cardboard boxes. She is picky about toys but does love squeaky plush toys. Mochi also has a special talent – as seen in her photos – she can balance objects on her head!! The pic of her with the snail on her head was taken as she was out walking with her owner. Her owner practices balancing things on her head to help Mochi focus and become more contained. (This skill also comes in handy during vet visits –  she balances things on her head to calm her down/focus while staff does their work, lol).
Physically, since she can pull heavily on her leash – especially when she sees a cat – her foster needs to be strong. *She enjoys playing with dogs, but due to her recent TPLO surgery(knee surgery), she is currently restricted from playing with them unless it is supervised and things aren’t ‘crazy’ initially, as we don’t want her to re-injure herself. She has to ease into playing with other dogs. In addition, right now, she is not permitted at the dog park to minimize her urge to play. Her ‘recovery exercise’ right now primarily walks, although she does want to play, run up the stairs and jump on people.
Mochi loves being outside and has been to beaches and lakes (but she doesn’t like deep water) and is safe around pools. Also, her owner keeps her crated when she is alone, but this is not for any destructive behavior, just for safety.
Behavior-wise, her “bark-o-matic” meter rating of 2 – 2.5 is due to barking when she hears someone come to the door or sometimes doesn’t like meeting dogs when leashed; she can bark at them, but there is no aggression. She gives cues when she has to go potty outside but uses a doggy door. Finally, mom says that Mochi is a crazy, sweet girl who will be sure to keep her foster entertained when outside but be a calm girl inside.