Max is a very handsome, submissive, purebred Australian Shepherd. He and his mom, Dee, have been together for 12 years, but just as Max was due in for emergency surgery to remove a malignant tumor, Dee fell off a 12-foot ladder and damaged her right hand! Dee was terrified that leaving Max’s tumor for another month would cause irreperable damage, but she could not take care of Max’s post-surgery needs, so she contact PACT to see if we could help. Luckily, PACT had a wonderful foster home nearby, and the DiPietro family was happy to take care of such a sweet Shepherd for a few months while he recovered from surgery. Max, all healed up and healthy, was returned to Dee this week, and everyone involved is grateful for the quick and potentially life-saving support of PACT and the DiPietros.
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