Lucy is a loving, 3 year-old dog. She is also a certified Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen, however she has been denied access to help children at her owner’s daughter’s school because of her breed and appearance. Lucy is a pit bull.

Despite a rough start to life, which included over breeding her to the point that she developed an infection, Lucy has developed a wonderful loving personality and manners. Kristen, Lucy’s owner, brought her to her daughter’s school to enter the therapy program. The school’s Principal, VP, Guidance, Councilor, and Psychologist each witnessed Lucy being able to cope a crying 7 year-old student into entering the classroom. Each individual was very impressed and commented on how well behaved Lucy was.

However, the Superintendent of the district, along with support of the particular school’s Principal denied Lucy the privilege to work as a therapy dog at the school. Kristen was told that the decision was made based on newspaper articles the superintendent had read.

This example of discrimination is not acceptable! These individuals stereotyped Lucy instead of judging her true character. We must continue to educate individuals on the true facts about pit bulls and change these unnecessary stereotypes and prejudices. Please help us in our mission to overturn the superintendent’s ruling.

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