Louie had been a constant companion to his mom and dad- Robin and Lieutenant Colonel Timothy for four years. Louie is Robin’s therapy dog and assists with her disabilities, but he was not allowed to be with her for a necessary surgery and the 3-6 months of rehabilitation it required. With her husband on deployment, Robin had no one to care for Louie, her best friend, that had taken such good care of her for so long. Luckily for everyone, PACT found a wonderful foster home with Dr. Jen Johnson, VMD of Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital. Jen opened her home to Louie and he was lovingly looked after until Robin had recovered enough to welcome Louie back into her life. Their reunion was filled with long hugs and tears, and everyone was thrilled to see Louie’s obvious devotion to Robin, and Robin’s relief to have Louie again at her side, her wonderful therapy dog.

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