Unfortunately, we live in a society whose media outlets thrive on horrendous acts such as murder, rape, and violence. As a result, when an individual hears about a “Pit Bull” in the news, the word almost always represents a negative connotation. The “breed” has become a symbol for a fighting monster. In reality, many of these “Pit Bulls” or not indeed Pit Bulls. When a mixed breed dog causes harm, or even death, he or she is almost always immediately labeled a Pit Bull by the media, regarding of its true identity.

This blog will concentrate on the true character of the American Pit Bull terrier, a dog once known to Americans as the “Nanny Dog.” We will provide heartwarming stories of adoption, rescue, rehabilitation, as well as pertinent information for Pit Bull owners such as proper diet, exercise, and training practices.

This week, we would like to thank our friends at the PSPCA for their dedication and work around the clock to prevent cruelty towards Pit Bulls in the city of Philadelphia. Over the past month, dog lovers have been saddened to learn of the 2  Pit Bull burning cases in our city by cruel individuals. Although the first dog, Chloe was rescued, she did not make it through the recovery process. The second Pit Bull rescued by the PSPCA, Hercules, is in fact on road to a full recovery. The PSPCA has begun fundraising for an educational initiative to combat animal abuse in Philadelphia. We thank and salute them for their hard work!