Both of Kylo’s owners are deploying with the National Guard for 11 months. Their family is unable to care for Kylo for that length of time, so they need someone to give him a safe, secure home until they can be reunited. They have had Kylo since he was 8 weeks old and are very concerned for his well-being while they are away.

Can you give this affectionate, cute guy a safe, loving place to crash for a while?

Currently located in West Warwick, RI, Kylo’s owners are willing to transport him anywhere, but would prefer within a day’s drive of West Warwick.

Fur Facts

Male, German Shepherd
1.5 years old, 75 pounds
Good with people and children of all ages
Shy and fearful of other dogs; good after a slow introduction
High energy
Puppy temperament
Leash and crate-trained

Fun Facts

Kylo is a sweet puppy who loves to hang out with his human cousins, get hugs, and snuggle. He will sit on your lap or chest when you are trying to relax and wants to be as close to you as possible.

Kylo is insanely smart. There have been so many times when his owner thinks he understands human language. Kylo also will talk to you and will do a small yip to let you know if he wants something. Kylo is sweet, kind, lovable, and has plenty of sass.

While Kylo is a big dog with a big bark, he is a shy and fearful pup around other dogs. Kylo is not aggressive, but has fearful tendencies because he was once attacked by a larger dog when he was a puppy – his owners have been working on healing from that incident. When meeting new dogs, Kylo’s reaction is to bark and his hackles rise, but once he realizes they aren’t going to hurt him, he quickly warms up. While out on walks, he will bark at other dogs along the way, but his owner says if she shakes the other person’s hand to signal it’s OK, Kylo relaxes.

While Kylo is not destructive, he is still in the puppy stage and MUST be crated when left alone.

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