Kitty is completely wonderful!

Kitty is one of those rare, gregarious cats that loves strangers and telling you about her day. She wants to cuddle when you want to cuddle, and play when you want to play. Kitty is the beloved furry family of Seaman Recruit Ryan, they have been a team for the last three years! Ryan was devastated to learn that his mother-in-law, who is taking care of his pregnant wife while Ryan is in training, could not watch Kitty too. Luckily Ryan looked online and found PACT, and we quickly connected him with the McVoy family who has fostered for PACT before. They were happy to add another Kitty to their list, and Ryan drove 9 hours to bring his beloved pet to their safe foster home. Thank you to the McVoy family for fostering another wonderful pet in need, and thank you Ryan for your service to our country!

If you are interested in fostering wonderful pets like these, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email and let us know!