Major Kellie was heartbroken when she found out her 9-month duty in Afghanistan meant her two beloved dogs had to stay behind. With no friends or family in the immediate area, Kellie was relieved to find PACT and place her furry family in the kind arms of Max and Patrice, who welcomed the two loving pitbulls into their family. When Karmen was diagnosed with serious cancer only months before Kellie’s return date, PACT, Kellie, and the Foster Family leapt into action. Max and Patrice sent constant updates on Karmen’s health to Kellie, who was able to fund all necessary actions from overseas and took comfort in knowing her best friend was recieving the best of care. A scary situation turned into a joyous homecoming when Kellie returned just as Karmen was finishing the last round of her very successful treatments. Now Major Kellie, Karmen, and Kato are once again a whole, happy family, thanks to the quick work and kind hearts of Max, Patrice, and PACT for Animals.

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